Brain Power + Emotional Intelligence

The professional services industries are best defined as people with expertise helping people.  Lawyers, accountants, architects, management consulting, investment banking, private equity, and more are all industries relying on the expertise of the talent employed by professional services firms.  
Talent Engines exists to help top-tier firms recruit, retain, and develop this talent. 

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is critical to a company's success and profitability.

Engaging talent has been challenging in our changing society. While the needs and objectives of employees change, Talent Engines keeps pace with their current interests and goals. This allows employers to better understand their prospective hires and maintain their current employees’ work satisfaction. 

Talent Acquisition

Talent Engines’ proprietary AI powered talent generator helps to find the right talent for your firm.
Identifying the talent is just step one, however. 
We help you to activate, select and hire that talent so that your firm can continue to meet the needs of your clients.
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